What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

"I used to own over 2 million points and $128,000 in timeshare debt with a company. My husband passed away and left me with a lot of debt. I called my developer and ask them to buy back some of my timeshare through their buyback program to reduce my debt and they said there is no such program. I told them each time I made a purchase I was told by my sales rep they will buy  back some of my points when I no longer wish to own as many points. I spoke to someone at your company who introduced me to your 'NEW BEGINNING OPTION' and he was able to reduce my timeshare points to 300,000 points per year and that's all I needed to cover my vacations each year. He also reduced my timeshare debt all the way down to just $16,000 which I paid off completely from money my husband left for me. The process was fast and I am completely satisfied with the services of your company. Thank you. I would highly recommended your 'NEW BEGINNING OPTION' to everyone."

 - Ethel S. Scottsdale, AZ

"We have been stuck in a financial nightmare for 7 years with our timeshare. When we first started talking to Sharon at Vacation Select Services, we thought to ourselves “Thank God, someone is finally going to help us”. We have been lied to so many times, we just didn’t know where to turn. Your honesty has been something we haven’t seen in the timeshare industry for a long time. Thank you, Vacation Select Services for your help!”

- Betty R.St. Louis, MO

“My husband Frank and I were at our wits end. I remember the day I received a message from Lana about my timeshare. I wasn’t going to call her back because I had received so many calls in the past from companies that scammed us. Something told me to do it anyway. I called Lana back and we spoke for an hour about my timeshare issues. She really seemed to care! A few days later, you guys laid out my options for me in plain English. You have no idea how happy we are that we returned your call. We never thought we were going to be able to be free of our timeshare, but you did what you said you were going to do. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!”

- Peg and Frank B. Philadelphia, PA

“My mother has been a timeshare owner for 15 years and had purchased about 6 times. Every time she went on vacation, she was told something was wrong with her account. She believed the “nice” sales people at the resorts and listened to what they told her to do. I’m so grateful for your companies help in getting my mom out of this mess that she found herself in. Your customer service reps are so thoughtful and helpful. I have learned so much about timeshares from your company that I never knew before. Thank you for your patience with my mom, I will be doing business with you again, when I am ready to purchase a timeshare for myself.”

- Tina W. Ocean City, MD

“Thank you, Vacation Select Services for your help with my timeshare. I never thought that it would be such a smooth process to get out of my timeshare. I was really impressed with your staff. I was never just a number to them. They stayed with me through the whole process.”

- Joe and Carol S.,Tacoma, WA

“I never thought that I would own another timeshare again after my financial difficulties with my past purchases. Thank you for your help in getting me back into the system for such a small amount of money. I will be calling Pete soon to make another purchase. Thanks again.”

- Rodney P. Mesa, AZ

"I just wanted to drop a note to thank you, thank you, thank you! I thought my timeshare problems were never going to go away. You guys are the best!”

- Bobbi Lyn. Monticello, AZ

“Thanks, Vacation Select Services for helping me understand how to maximize my vacations. I finally am able to go where I want to without all the pressure of being told that I need to buy more. I can’t wait to meet you all when I come to AC in the fall. Thanks again.”

- Doreen S. Palmyra, NY

“Thank you for providing such a valuable service. Your staff was extremely helpful and I am so happy with the outcome. I wish all businesses would treat their customers as you do and I will recommend you to all my associates. Thanks again for your help.”

- Kevin and Laura M. Lowell, MA

“Thank you so much for helping our family terminate our timeshare contract after being told so many lies by the salesperson who sold it to us. You helped us save thousands of dollars.”

- Sophia and Richard J. San Diego, CA

"We appreciate all the time you spent with the consultation of our timeshare and helping us through the process of downgrading our timeshare to less points and less maintenance fees. You have helped Jake and I cut our maintenance fees in half. Thanks a million.”

- Jake and Rose J. Dallas, TX

"After speaking to 9 different companies about getting out of our timeshare because we were lied to about so many things, your company was the only one we spoke to who gave us straightforward answers and fully explained how the process work. We were mostly impressed about the short time it took to for us to become timeshare free. Your staff was great and very patient with us. We will recommend your company to others.”

- Theresa and Frank S. Pompano Beach, FL