What does VSSC do?

A: VSSC assists timeshare owners who feel they have been overburdened with timeshare debt, lied to, misled, or had deceptive sales tactics used against
them in the purchase of a timeshare through any timeshare developer. Additionally, VSSC helps those who no longer want their timeshare(s).
We transfer their ownership out of their name, removing them from any future dealings with the timeshare company, maintenance fees or special assessment payments. We guarantee our services 100%. 


What does VSSC not do?

A: VSSC does not pay off any of your existing timeshare mortgages or maintenance fees. We are not associated with any banks, lending institutions, timeshare developers, timeshare listing companies, or timeshare resale companies whatsoever. We do not guarantee a refund from your developer nor
do we guarantee a refund amount from your developer. All refunds are strictly discussed between you, the assisting attorney, and your timeshare developer. 

How do I qualify?

A: All you need to do is call and speak with one of our consultants. They will take the time to discuss your timeshare situation in detail and will simply tell you if we can assist you or not. Every timeshare situation is different and VSSC cannot help everyone who calls. For a free consultation to see if your timeshare
situation qualifies for any of our services, simple call 1-877-770-4646 
The call and the consultation are both free of charge.

What is the process?

A: If qualified, we will begin your process immediately. First, one of our  consultants will discuss your timeshare situation with you in detail. Since every situation is different, your consultant will need to verify all potential areas of misrepresentation.Then he/she will prepare a detailed process that is individual
to your resort, date of purchase and areas of misrepresentation.

Are You Licensed?

A: YES. VSSC has been the model for many copycat companies, but they are all missing one thing.They are NOT a Licensed Real Estate Company in their respected states. We are Licensed Real Estate Brokers and Agents which simply means we are a state regulated company and can obviously be trusted. If a company is calling you about your timeshare and they are not a Licensed Real Estate Company, they are most likely not state regulated and probably a 'SCAM' company. Once you do your research and read through our website all of your questions should be answered. If you have any additional questions or concerns that are not answered, simply call 1-877-770-4646 and let us give you the answers ourselves.

What will it cost?

A: No cost to look at your initial complaint or speak to a timeshare consultant.
Yes, there is a cost associated with our services if we take your case. Our service is simply service that yield results, because each timeshare situation is unique and different, you will need to call and speak with one of our friendly consultants
to get a fee quote.

Can you sell/rent our timeshare?

A: Absolutely Not!! We DO NOT list ANY timeshares for sale or rent for a client. Although we are licensed in our state to do so, we will not take your money up front to list your timeshare for sale or rent when we already know it will most likely NOT SELL or RENT. Never trust a company or give them money that calls you and say they have a buyer waiting to buy or rent your timeshare. No one is waiting to buy your timeshare. The resale market is almost non-existing and most consumers do not know that because of their lack of timeshare knowledge.

Are you Attorneys?

A:Vacation Select Services & Consulting, LLC is not a law firm, but partners with attorneys that assist in your Timeshare Termination process. Vacation Select Services will provide an additional agreement that will also create an Attorney-Client relationship between our Client and the assisting Attorney. The Attorney will create an individual file specifically for your case and coordinate with VSSC to complete your process.

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